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35kms to Tamworth CBD


This well maintained weatherboard home offers open plan living. It has 3 bedrooms, main bathroom and separate toilet in family room, which could be converted to another bathroom. Large living room area with dining room and breakfast bar in kitchen. The family room has a massive extension on the home, which could easily be converted into more bedrooms if needed. The house is surrounded with a beautiful timber 2 metre verandah offering stunning views of the valley. It has evaporative duct cooling, Split System AC in family room and combustion wood heating.

Australia’s EPA Was Negligent
A statement by Viv Forbes
Australia’s EPA Was Negligent
Australia’s EPA (Environmental Protection Authority) has been negligent in listing carbon dioxide (CO2) as a pollutant without conducting an independent public review of the scientific evidence to support that decision.. more >

Become a Member of MLA
Make the Most of Your Livestock Levies
Become a Member of MLA
As a producer of cattle, sheep or goats, you pay a livestock transaction levy that is primarily used to fund research and marketing for the red meat and livestock industry through Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA).. more >

Bolinda South Devon Sale
1PM / 30th July / 2009

Bolinda South Devon Sale

Including guest vendors alpha/ace south devons.

25 Bulls / 12 Females
2 Year Fertility Guarantee / Free transport

Breedplan Recorded
Commercially Reared
Quality Genetics
Outstanding opporunity
Bulls mostly polled

Setting the (Organic) Standard
From Experience Over Two Decades
Setting the (Organic) Standard
Dr. Andrew Monk, convenor of the Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) Standards Advisory Group, says a new standard for organic being developed with Standards Australia will not change the answer to the consumer question – “how can I trust organic?”. more >

Small Farms Magazine
Inside Your July Issue of Small Farms Magazine
Small Farms Magazine
* Buying a new tractor * When to wean stock * Small cattle breeds.
* Understanding permaculture * Premium alpaca fibre more >

New Fibre Analysis Technology
Australian Alpaca Fibre Testing

New Fibre Analysis Technology Released

In 2005, Australian Alpaca Fibre Testing (AAFT) drove a wedge into the world’s premium fibre industry by creating Australia’s Ultrafine Bale Scheme for top grade alpaca fleeces. This successful scheme established a ‘quality assured’ supply chain for ultrafine fleeces to the global fashion industry. Owner of AAFT, Paul Vallely acknowledges the scheme has not been without its challenges, however, its future is assured given the growing number of breeders contributing fleeces.

Livestock Exporters Join Swelling NFF Ranks
The Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council (ALEC)
Livestock Exporters Join Swelling NFF Ranks
The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) welcomed aboard its first Associate Member – the Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council (ALEC) – under the peak farm body’s new membership structure.. more >

The Investment Allowance
What Is An Investment Allowance?
The Investment Allowance
As part of the recent wave of government stimulation an investment allowance for business has been created. The idea was originally released in December 2008 and has been modified and revised numerous times since. more >

Beyond the Bale - New Edition Online Now
The June-August edition of Beyond the Bale is now available
Beyond the Bale - New Edition Online Now
This edition includes a report about the AWI wool industry day held last month at which the big issues facing the industry were discussed and AWI presented a draft of its new Operating Plan. more >

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