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Mandatory pain relief for mulesing in Victoria looks set to become a reality

Mandatory pain relief for mulesing in Victoria looks set to become a realityVictoria is set to become the first state in the country to introduce mandatory pain relief for mulesing. Mulesing involves cutting wrinkles of skin away from a lamb's breech to prevent the build-up of faeces, which can attract blowflies that lay maggots.

Water trading's 'unintended' consequences across southern Murray-Darling Basin

Dairy farmers welcome draft mandatory dairy code of conduct released this weekThere's a sense something is not right among the farmers of the southern Murray-Darling Basin. It is not just drought, they say, that is testing livelihoods. It is the system. The Murray-Darling Basin's $2 billion water trade - introduced to recognise the value of the resource and provide farmers with greater flexibility - is shifting economies and changing the landscape.

Lower Lakes galah deaths blamed on ingestion of insecticide

Cattle genome patent to be permitted following Federal Court ruling, after some amendmentsThe mass death of galahs and other birds in the Lower Lakes region late last year has been attributed to the "inappropriate disposal" of an insecticide but a vet suggests its misuse could have been deliberate. An estimated 100 galahs were found by locals to be dead or dying slowly around Milang, Clayton Bay and Tolderol in November and December, prompting an investigation by government authorities.

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Dairy farmers move to reclaim “Milk” label

Dairy farmers move to reclaim “Milk” labelAustralia's dairy farmers are urging the federal government to change the country’s food standards in a bid to ban plant-based products from using the term “milk” on labels and in marketing. Peak dairy farmer group Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF) has written to federal agriculture minister Bridget McKenzie and Chair of the Ministerial Food Forum Richard Colbeck.

AWI well progressed with Review of Performance implementation

AWI well progressed with Review of Performance implementationTwelve months after the release of the Ernst & Young 2018 Review of Performance (ROP) and its 82 recommendations, Australian Wool Innovation is pleased to report an overall implementation rate of 76 per cent. AWI Chief Executive Officer Stuart McCullough said it had been a busy year for AWI – the not-for-profit company owned by Australia’s woolgrowers – with the business focussed on implementing the ROP recommendations while ensuring transparency and improved consultation and communication with woolgrowers and the wider industry.

A prime lamb breeding plan

A prime lamb breeding planHaving a clear picture of a breeding objective should be every prime lamb producer’s priority before investing in new genetics. According to MLA Sheep Genetics Senior Development Officer Peta Bradley, a breeding objective will help producers identify traits, expressed as Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs), to improve profitability and/or reduce costs of production.


Veterinary pathologists and clinicians come together to share their knowledgeAnimal Health Australia (AHA) works with the horse, equestrian and harness racing industries to develop and implement national programs to safeguard the health of Australia’s horse population.

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A beefalo? What's a beefalo? A beefalo! Why, didn't you know?

A beefalo? What's a beefalo? A beefalo! Why, didn't you know?It took a bit of getting to know each other but the American bison and the angus cow hit it off and the result is Beefalo. Northern Tasmanian farmer and wildlife park owner Colin Wing would only be happier if he was allowed to breed an American bison. Mr Wing diversified his Gunns Plains farming operation into a wildlife park more than 30 years ago.

Feasting wedge-Tailed eagles used as learning tools for a Tasmanian farm school

Feasting wedge-tailed eagles used as learning tools for a Tasmanian farm schoolOpportunistic wedge-tailed eagles have been making a dent in a Tasmanian farm school's chicken flock, prompting the school to turn an upsetting situation for students into a learning tool. "One of our parents was in the car park and watched an eagle come down one day and take a chicken who had wandered off," Scott Watson, a teacher from Hagley Farm School said.

Tour de France inspires global movement of wool spinners to work their wheels

Tour de France inspires global movement of wool spinners to work their wheelsIf you're turning up to work bleary-eyed from staying up to watch the Tour de France, spare a thought for those hardy souls on the Tour de Fleece. Not only are they putting in the late hours, they have also been spinning at a rate of knots. For Josiane Eve, it involves a spinning wheel and a big pile of fleece from her heritage breed sheep in southern Tasmania.

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Farmers disgusted by yet another unbalanced water report by the ABC

Farmers disgusted by yet another unbalanced water report by the ABCLast night's 4Corners program, failed to provide viewers a factual and balanced analysis of irrigation and water management in the Murray Darling Basin and continued a pattern by some parts of the ABC of misrepresenting rural and regional Australia and the complexities of the Plan. "The management of the Murray Darling Basin is an issue of immense national importance," NFF President Fiona Simson said.

Farmers call for new era of regional investment

Farmers call for new era of regional investmentNSW Farmers are spearheading calls for a new era of investment in regional NSW at the Daily Telegraph’s Bush Summit in Dubbo today. NSW Farmers President James Jackson said now is the time for a fresh approach to building resilience in regional communities through improved water and transport infrastructure and regional food hubs.

Rural Jobs and Skills Alliance E-News

Rural Jobs and Skills Alliance E-NewsThe RJSA has met with Queensland Agricultural Training Colleges and the QATC Transition Project Management Office to discuss the provision of industry feedback to address any potential training delivery gaps in the regionally based satellite hubs arising directly from the QATC closure. Find out more about the process.

SA Dog Fence project rebuilding hope in state’s pastoral zone

SA Dog Fence project rebuilding hope in state’s pastoral zoneThe $25 million project to repair South Australia’s ailing dog fence and restore pastoralists faith in their future is underway. This collaborative effort by Federal and State governments as well as industry will rebuild about 1600km, more than two-thirds of SA’s portion of the world’s longest, continuous fence.

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PGA still fighting the Last War

PGA still fighting the Last WarListening to Tony Seabrook President of the PGA, debating WAFarmers President Rhys Turton on the ABC Country Hour last week, reminded me of the former United States President Ronald Reagan a Cold War warrior who fought the Evil Empire (The Soviets) into bankruptcy.

VFF leads mandatory pain relief for mulesing

VFF leads mandatory pain relief for mulesingThe Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) Livestock Group is leading regulatory change in partnership with the Victorian Government to mandate pain relief for mulesing sheep to achieve the highest animal welfare outcomes. “Mulesing remains the most effective method for controlling breech flystrike, a terribly painful and fatal affliction for sheep.

2019 Beef Trust Grant Applications

2019 Beef Trust Grant ApplicationsNow’s the time… to put pen to paper or calluses to keyboards and turn your Tasmanian beef industry research or development idea into a project and apply for a local, home grown project grant. Every year the Tasmanian Beef Industry Research and Development Trust invites applications for project funding that will be used to benefit the Tasmanian beef industry. Now is that time for 2019.

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Helping Our Local Farmers - Feel Free To Contact Us And See If We Can Help

Helping Our Local Farmers - Feel Free To Contact Us And See If We Can HelpOnline Livestock is dedicated to helping our local Aussie farmers. If you have a product or service that you would like us to help you promote please contact us today. We have many options that are cost free and simply done on a good will basis. We believe strongly in building a passionate community that supports each another in tough times.

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