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Farm innovation proving to be a key to survival

Farm innovation proving to be a key to survival of multi-generation farming familiesDiversification and innovation are helping multigenerational farming families survive and carry their properties through tough times, such as drought. That is what the Parsons family is doing on their historic property Bloomfield, in the Derwent Valley about an hour west of Hobart. "It's been good to diversify, particularly during drought years," Mrs Parsons said.

Hay drop for pregnant crocodiles as Top End wet season approaches

Hay drop for pregnant crocodiles as Top End wet season approachesCrocodile farms across northern Australia are busy at the moment — working with hay. The wet season is approaching and saltwater crocodiles are getting ready to lay eggs. At the crocodile farms across the north, the owners need to bring in hay to give the female crocs something to make their nests from. Speaking to ABC Rural while spreading hay throughout pens, Carly from Crocodylus Park, near Darwin, said it was one of the farm's most important jobs.

Why WA farmers feel they are being forgotten in the drought

Why WA farmers feel they are being forgotten in the droughtFrom the state's south coast to the north west, farmers and pastoralists are de-stocking, carting water, and praying for rain, after multiple years with little to no rainfall. But hearing reports of the plight of their eastern counterparts, pastoralists like Brie Campbell from Mundrabilla Station on the Nullarbor were hesitant to speak up.

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Pausing the Basin Plan misguided

Pausing the Basin Plan misguidedAngst in Murray Darling Basin over skyrocketing water prices is now at fever pitch. Many groups are advocating for change to the Basin Plan. The Victorian Nationals want to terminate the additional 450 gigalitre (GL) recovery target. Some farmer groups in the Southern Riverina and northern Victoria want the plan paused or their state governments to withdraw. Members of NSW Farmers Association passed a motion at their July conference to lobby the federal government to hold a Royal Commission into the Basin Plan.

WANTED - AWI calls for future breeding industry leaders

WANTED - AWI calls for future breeding industry leadersDesigned to improve the leadership skills of young people in the wool industry, the Breeding Leadership program is a key feature of AWI’s investment in education and training and is an opportunity available to any wool industry participants aged from 25 to 35 years. AWI’s General Manager of Operations Nigel Gosse said applications are now open for the 2020 Breeding Leadership course which will be run in Clare, South Australia from Sunday, 9 February – Friday, 14 February 2020.

Sheep quality improves

Sheep quality improvesSince April, eastern states mutton prices have traded at an all-time high. Normally a key indicator of how the season is tracking, strength like this in the mutton market, particularly during severe drought, is unheard of. In 2018, it became obvious there was a higher percentage of ewes and wethers not meeting the specifications for the eastern states mutton indicator, either having a fat score of 1, or weighing less than the 18.1-24kg carcase weight (cwt) bracket.

Current situation with African swine fever (ASF)

Current situation with African swine fever (ASF)ASF is an exotic, highly contagious viral disease affecting both domesticated and wild pigs. It spreads rapidly through contact with infected animals or contact with contaminated pens, trucks, clothing or feed. Pigs can also remain carriers for the disease for quite some time. Australia is currently free of ASF. However, if ASF was to enter Australia, it could severely damage our pig meat and associated industries and have devastating consequences for our 2,700 pork producers and 34,000 people working in the industry.

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Feral pig cull needed, say farmers, to avoid spread of African Swine Fever

Feral pig cull needed, say farmers, to avoid spread of African Swine FeverThere needs to be a nationally coordinated cull to reduce Australia's 24 million feral pigs, according to the National Farmers' Federation.Farmers and lobby groups have long wanted government to do more to reduce feral pig numbers, but it has now become a critical issue because of the threat of African Swine Fever (ASF). Analysts believe one quarter of the world's more than 800 million pigs have already been killed as a result of ASF.

Live export independent observers only required where 'most needed'

Live export independent observers only required where 'most needed' after policy changeThe Federal Government has changed its policy on having independent observers on all live export ships, moving to a 'risk-based approach', meaning observers will no longer be required on most short-haul voyages. The observer program was introduced last year in an effort to improve traceability and public trust in the industry, but it came at a cost, with some trips costing exporters around $1,300 a day to pay for the observer.

Big buzz about bees: More young people turn to backyard beekeeping

Big buzz about bees: More young people turn to backyard beekeepingMore young people are turning to beekeeping and in parts of Victoria there are even waitlists to own a hive. Ballarat Grammar Year 12 student Cecilia Hearn is younger than most beekeepers. She keeps five hives, including two in her family's backyard in Ballarat. What began as a school project for Ms Hearn's agriculture class has morphed into a real passion for bees.

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Government's investment will fuel agriculture's renewable goa

Government's investment will fuel agriculture's renewable goaThe National Farmers' Federation has a goal for Australia's farm energy sources to be 50% renewable by 2030. NFF CEO Tony Mahar said today's pledge by the Federal Government to inject $1 billion in new energy generation, storage and transmission would assist in achieving that goal. "While renewable energy investment continues to develop at pace, the real challenge that needs addressing is support for the transition to appropriate transmission and storage assets.

Farm trespass bill steps ahead

Farm trespass bill steps aheadNSW Farmers has backed the Government’s resolve in providing protections for farmers from trespassers. The Right to Farm Bill passed the NSW Lower House last night through the support of the Government. The Bill will now move to the Upper House and if supported, farmers will be provided critical protections from farm trespassers. NSW Farmers CEO Pete Arkle congratulated Agriculture Minister Adam Marshall and the Government on their decisive action to develop this critical bill and act on its election commitment to protect farmers from unlawful farm incursions.

New Energy Efficiency Funding in 2020

New Energy Efficiency Funding in 2020The Commonwealth Government’s Energy Efficient Communities Program will deliver $50 million of grants to assist businesses and community organisations to improve energy efficiency practices and technologies and better manage energy consumption to reduce their power bills. $10 Million of this funding will be allocated to dairy farms.

PIRSA – First step in $25 million SA Dog Fence rebuild

PIRSA – First step in $25 million SA Dog Fence rebuildThe Marshall Liberal Government has taken the first step in the $25 million rebuild of 1,600 kilometres of the South Australian Dog Fence with initial procurement information for prospective suppliers and contractors released today. Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development Tim Whetstone said the State Government recognises the impact of wild dogs on the livestock industry and the urgency in starting the rebuild process.

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Government Facing a Farm Credit Drought

Government Facing a Farm Credit DroughtThis Eastern States drought is turning out to be one of the biggest on record, bigger and drier than the centenary, second world war and millennial droughts. Running into its second year this one has now become a serious political and economic headache for the Morrison government compounded by the recent intervention of Barnaby Joyce and Alan Jones.

The Victorian Farmers Federation celebrates four decades

The Victorian Farmers Federation celebrates four decadesThe Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF), founded in 1979, today announced plans for its 40 th birthday celebration to be held next month. “On Thursday 21 November, on National Ag Day, we will gather at the Melbourne Museum for a gala dinner to celebrate this significant milestone,” said Mr David Jochinke, President, Victorian Farmers Federation. “The landscape has changed significantly since a group of visionary members brought several organisations together under the VFF banner,” he said.

Tasmanian Young Achiever Awards

Tasmanian Young Achiever AwardsNominations are now open for the 2019 Tasmanian Young Achiever Awards! The award aims to acknowledge, encourage and most importantly promote the positive achievement of all young people up to 29 years. With awards in categories such as the Leadership Award and Community Service & Volunteering Award the winners take away $1000 and a trophy.

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Helping Our Local Farmers - Feel Free To Contact Us And See If We Can Help

Helping Our Local Farmers - Feel Free To Contact Us And See If We Can HelpOnline Livestock is dedicated to helping our local Aussie farmers. If you have a product or service that you would like us to help you promote please contact us today. We have many options that are cost free and simply done on a good will basis. We believe strongly in building a passionate community that supports each another in tough times.

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