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Working Dogs Compete For Australian Title
Top Working Dogs Compete For Australian Title At West Wyalong

Working Dogs Compete For Australian TitleAs our Olympic athletes faced their first day of competition in Rio, the country's top 120 working dogs slogged it out in West Wyalong, New South Wales at the 2016 Australian Yard Dog Championships. The stock dogs came from all over the country for the job, to see which could round up and move a pack of testy merino sheep the most efficiently, on a course that mimics everyday jobs on the farm.

Inside Australia's 'Horrendous' Dairy Crisis
Four Corners: Dairy Farmers Forced To Sell Up in Face Of Plunging Milk Prices

Inside Australia's 'Horrendous' Dairy CrisisOn a freezing winter evening, truckload after truckload of dairy cows are delivered to the saleyards at Camperdown in south-western Victoria. Some arrive in herds. Others are brought in by farmers just two at a time. This is prime dairy country and many of the cows arriving are pedigree dairy cows, bred for milking and hand-reared by their dairy farmer owners. Only yesterday, these cows were lining up at dairies, waiting to be milked.

Milk Boycott Helping Farmers?
Is The $1 Per Litre Milk Boycott Helping Farmers?

Milk Boycott Helping Farmers?Australians will spend an extra $113.7 million buying premium brand milk this year, and consumer group Choice says it is putting processors on notice to make sure the money will be passed on to farmers. Data out this week shows sales of $1 per litre milk in supermarkets have fallen from 65 per cent of all milk sold to 50 per cent.

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Superfine Merino Good For Skin Health
Children Suffering From Eczema Can Be Dramatically Improved By Wearing Superfine Merino Wool

Superfine Merino Good For Skin HealthClinical studies are showing the therapeutic benefits of wearing superfine Merino wool for those suffering skin conditions such as eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis (AD). Typically resulting in itchy, red, cracked and painful skin, AD often starts in childhood with between 12% and 28% of children now born in western countries affected according to Wohl et al. (2015).

What We Really Need Now
Go Beyond Short Term Measures To Create Stability

What We Really Need NowThe Four Corners ‘Milked Dry’ program aired Monday 15th and highlighted the financial toll that cheap dairy products and fluctuations in both the domestic and global markets have taken on dairy farmers. This state of crisis has also shown just how far consumers will rally to help our struggling industry, but it will only solve half the problem.

Get Ahead This Spring
From Autumn To Spring Calving

Get Ahead This SpringBlack Star Angus principal Julian Carroll is a committed forward planner who, at times, has ignored convention to take the business in a new direction. This Mudgegonga, Victoria, producer is speaking at next week’s MLA sponsored East Gippsland Beef Conference.

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Dohne Australia
Glen Holme On Property Auction, Manoora SA

Dohne Australia6th On Property Auction, Manoora SA
Thursday 15th September
115 Waterloo Road, Manoora SA
Inspection from 10am
Auction at 1pm
Morning tea and light lunch provided

- 100 Specially Selected rams for sale
- 100 Commercial Dohne ewes for sale

The Royal Hobart Showground
Hobart Showground – More Than You Think!

The Royal Hobart ShowgroundThe Royal Hobart Showground is host to many well known events each year including the Royal Hobart Show, the Royal Hobart International Wine Show, the Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards, Vineyard of the Year and of course the Sunday Market. The Showground also provides a space for a diverse range of businesses and organisations, catering to the many talents and interests of the people in Hobart and visitors from around the world, some of whom choose to stay in our Motorhome Park.

Can Pandas, Birds And Pigs Get The Flu?
How Do Pandas, Birds, Pigs And Seals Get The Flu?

Can Pandas, Birds And Pigs Get The Flu?Every year we are reminded of the important impact that Influenza A virus (aka 'the flu') has on human health. Most workplaces now offer free flu vaccinations in recognition of the fact that there is high risk of flu infections during the winter months. But have you have wondered about flu infections in species other than humans? Specifically, have you ever wondered if pandas get the flu?

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The National Farmers' Federation (NFF)
NFF Launches Australian Farmers To Help Project The Industry’s Voice

The National Farmers' Federation (NFF)The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) has today launched Australian Farmers, a new online home for Australia’s farming community. The launch of the platform follows the announcement of the NFF’s digital initiatives by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull MP in December 2015. The platform will offer localised weather data to improve decision-making; enable farmers to exchange ideas and advocate on the issues that matter most; and provide the latest news about food, fibre and farming.

NSW Farmers
Farmers welcome focus on rural crime

NSW Farmers Demand Action Over Shenhua NSW Farmers welcomes today’s announcement by Deputy Premier Troy Grant that a reengineered NSW Police Force will include a Deputy Commissioner for Regional NSW Field Operations and a greater focus on the needs of rural NSW. NSW Farmers’ President Derek Schoen said, “Earlier in the year, hundreds of farmers attended rural crime forums organised and promoted by the Association.”

The Queensland Farmers Federation
Irrigation energy efficiency insights for Darling Downs growers

The Queensland Farmers FederationThe Queensland Farmers’ Federation’s (QFF) Energy Savers Program, Darling Downs Cotton Growers Association, Central Downs Irrigators Limited, Cotton Australia and Cotton-Info are working together to provide growers with the information they need to make informed decisions around on-farm irrigation energy efficiency and solar pumping technologies.

Primary Producers SA
Pork SA Is The Peak Industry Organisation Representing Pork Producers

Primary Producers SAPork SA recognises that while profitability is critical, it is just as important to have the confidence of the community and consumers in how responsibly the industry operates in areas such as welfare, environmental sustainability and food safety. Pork SA will specifically address such matters and enable the industry to be ahead of the issues rather than reacting in an uncoordinated manner.

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The Western Australian Farmers Federation
CBH structure review welcomed by WAFarmers

Text HereWAFarmers has welcomed the release of the CBH structure and governance review, which presented three structural options and possible governance approaches. The review, which was several years in the making, was released this afternoon, and intends to ensure grower members have critical input into the future structure and governance of CBH.

The Victorian Farmers Federation
Onshore gas ban needs to stay, says farmers

The Victorian Farmers FederationThe Victorian Farmers Federation is calling on the State Government to maintain a ban on all exploration and extraction of onshore gas until at least 2020. “We have precious groundwater reserves in Victoria, and our biggest fear is that onshore gas exploration could put those reserves at risk,” VFF Land Management Committee Chairman Gerald Leach said.

Tasmanian Farmers & Graziers Association
Incitec Pivot Contributes $50,000 To Help Tasmanian Farming Families

Tasmanian Farmers & Graziers AssociationIncitec Pivot Fertilisers has today donated $50,000 to support Tasmanian farmers in getting their businesses up and running after the recent floods. Gerard Buckle, IPF Vice President Sales & Marketing, said the support would be made through the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association (TFGA) to ensure it was readily available to impacted farmers. “We have been working closely with the farmers over the last two weeks and we’ve heard first-hand from them and their families of the hardships they’re now facing, and we knew it was time to give them a hand,” Mr Buckle said.

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Helping Our Local Farmers
Feel Free To Contact Us And See If We Can Help

Online LivestockOnline Livestock is dedicated to helping our local Aussie farmers. If you have a product or service that you would like us to help you promote please contact us today. We have many options that are cost free and simply done on a good will basis. We believe strongly in building a passionate community that supports each another in tough times.

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