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Shoalwater Bay ADF
Compulsory Land Acquisition Unites Queensland's LNP, ALP

Shoalwater Bay ADFBoth sides of Queensland politics have united to pressure the Prime Minister to stop the compulsory acquisition of prime agricultural land for an army training ground expansion. The Australian Defence Force (ADF) wants to acquire thousands of hectares north of Rockhampton to expand the Shoalwater Bay facility to cater for larger war games and an increased number of Singaporean troops training in the region.

Victorian Farmer Group
Calls On Federal Government To Subsidise Q Fever Vaccine

Victorian Farmer GroupThe Victorian Farmers Federation is calling for increased access to Q Fever screening services and for the vaccine to be subsidised. Farmers, livestock handlers and abattoir workers are most at risk of contracting the disease, which is carried by livestock, domestic and wild animals.

Concerns Wet Year
Has Intensified Parvovirus Risk In Central West NSW

Concerns Wet YearThere are fears a wet year in central west New South Wales has exacerbated the risk of parvovirus among dogs, with dozens of canines having to be euthanased in recent weeks. Parvovirus has a fatality rate of up to 80 per cent in young dogs and puppies, and symptoms include watery diarrhoea, vomiting, and lethargy.

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Australian Dairy Industry Council
Leading The Dairy Response To MDBP

ADICBack in November 2016, we welcomed the announcement by the Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) to reduce the northern basin target. It was pleasing to see the MDBA proposing to reduce the water recovery targets in the Northern Basin by 70GL following a rigorous socio-economic analysis in the north, which showed significant adverse impacts on agriculture and regional communities.

Australian Wool Innovation
Call For Research Proposals

Australian Wool InnovationAustralian Wool Innovation Limited (AWI) has announced its annual Call for Proposals for organisations interested in On-farm and Off-farm research and development projects with AWI. The organisation invites individuals, companies and organisations to submit project applications that address AWI strategic priorities and programs. These are detailed in AWI's strategic plan.

Calm Cattle Win Out
Weaning Cattle Using Advanced Training Techniques

Calm Cattle Win OutWeaning cattle using advanced training techniques may take time and commitment, but South Gippsland producer Shane Harris is convinced it produces the best results. Shane and his wife Claire, of ‘Harris Farms’, took part in an MLA-supported on-farm weaning trial that compared techniques to see which were best at quietening cattle and reducing weight loss. Claire, who is also an Agriculture Victoria beef industry extension officer, was involved in the experiment design and data collection.

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Sheep Numbers On Decline In WA
As Young Farmers Increase Crop Production

Sheep Numbers On Decline In WAFalling sheep numbers in Western Australia have sparked concerns the state will not be able to capitalise on rising international demand, unless a deliberate push is made to grow flock sizes. WA's sheep flock is at its lowest level in 20 years. A trend amongst young farmers to move away from sheep and into crop - combined with negativity about the long term profitability of sheep - has contributed to the fall.

Outback Pub's New Shearing Shed
In Beer Garden Hopes To Attract Workers And Tourists

Outback Pub's New Shearing ShedAn outback Queensland hotel is embracing the return of sheep to the region by erecting a shearing shed in the pub's beer garden. But it will not be used for the purpose of shearing sheep - instead, it is an attempt to create an entertainment area and unique offering for tourists. Standing inside the new shed at the Eulo Queen Hotel, 70 kilometres west of Cunnamulla in the state's south-west on a hot summer's day, publican Geoff 'Jacko' Jackson said he could still smell the fresh timber as a breeze wafted through.

Analysts Forecast
Farmer Milk Prices Will Increase Next Season

Analysts ForecastDespite a stalling world market, analysts are forecasting milk prices for Australian dairy farmers will improve in the next financial year. Global prices had been recovering in the lead up to Christmas but that growth has since stalled and remained stagnant for the last month. Analysts say the slow down in price rises is hardly another price crash but is causing concern to dairy farmers who have been trying to survive on milk prices below the cost of production.

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National Farmers' Federation
No White Flag On TPP As Trump Prepares To Assume White House

The National Farmers' Federation (NFF)The National Farmers Federation will continue to apply pressure on the Government to push ahead with the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) despite President-elect Donald Trump now only hours away from occupying the White House. Throughout his campaign President-elect Trump had vowed to kill the United States' involvement in deal as a matter of priority after assuming office.

NSW Farmers
Cool Heads Needed To Break Backpacker Tax Stalemate

NSW Farmers Demand Action Over Shenhua NSW Farmers is calling for cool heads as political bickering continues over the Backpacker Tax in Canberra. NSW Farmers Horticulture Committee Chair, Brett Guthrey said politicians should focus on what they all agree on and that is that a 32.5 per cent tax rate is too high for backpackers and must be stopped in its tracks. “The Coalition, Labor, the minor parties and independents all agree that a 32.5 per cent tax rate would have detrimental consequences for our agriculture industry.

Queensland Farmers Federation
Recycling Agricultural Plastics

The Queensland Farmers FederationAs at 31 January 2017, around 786,200 kg of one-tonne plastic fertilizer sacks from Incited Pivot and Impact Fertilizers have been collected by Farm Waste Recovery and made available for processing into re-useable plastic. Please check on the Farm Waste Recovery web page for more details.

Primary Producers SA
Livestock SA

Primary Producers SALivestock SA has recently been formed to vigorously represent and promote the interests of sheep, beef cattle and goat producers in South Australia. Livestock SA is the voice for these livestock producers on all livestock-related issues. Livestock SA is a forum to consider how livestock issues should be resolved, what is needed to allow livestock production to prosper, and ensure government and the community are clear on livestock producers’ views – but it can only do this with the support and involvement of all livestock producers.

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Western Australian Farmers Federation
Reconsider AG Vehicle Insurance Premiums: WAFarmers

Western Australian Farmers FederationSix months after the introduction of new motor injury insurance premiums, WAFarmers encourages the State Government to reconsider premiums applicable to agricultural vehicles. As of 1 July 2016, the increased additional cost for most tractors was $25 per vehicle, while the premium increase for small motorcycles was $30 per vehicle and medium to large motorcycles would be $99 per vehicle.

Victorian Farmers Federation
EPA Boost Raises Farmer Concerns

The Victorian Farmers FederationNew environmental reforms being considered by the Victorian Government could lead to inflamed tensions between farmers and other residents in rural communities. Under a planned overhaul of the Environmental Protection Authority Act, the EPA would be given new powers and a multi-million dollar funding boost to investigate environmental complaints, which has drawn concern from the state’s peak farmer group.

Tasmanian Farmers & Graziers Association
Agriculture Has Been Tasmania’s Most Important Industry Since Settlement

Tasmanian Farmers & Graziers AssociationAgriculture has been Tasmania’s most important industry since settlement. Today it is the quiet achiever among the group of economic drivers that make Tasmania the special island it is for all who choose to live here. Agriculture is also the stabilising influence in the economy. Those who work within this vibrant industry require a strong bond and sound representation. These are the strengths of the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association (TFGA), the state’s peak agricultural body.

Small Farms

Helping Our Local Farmers
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Online LivestockOnline Livestock is dedicated to helping our local Aussie farmers. If you have a product or service that you would like us to help you promote please contact us today. We have many options that are cost free and simply done on a good will basis. We believe strongly in building a passionate community that supports each another in tough times.

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